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Coaching 1:1 (English)

9,999.00 DKK89,999.00 DKK inkl. moms.

The price is approx. 1.520$ for a 1,5hour session, 7.150$ for a 5 x 1,5 hour course and 13.690$ for 10 x 1,5 hour course. Prices are depending on the exchange rate on the day of purchase.

Do you need new inputs to get your project going? Are you stuck?

Soulaima is a massive advocate for personal and professional development and as such her business is built around helping people and inspire them to aim higher and dream bigger. Soulaima will ask all the annoying, relevant, provocative, and politically incorrect questions that you for so long have been avoiding.

Soulaima offers personal 1:1 Skype coaching both as a one time session and as a shorter or longer course. The subject is up to you!

If you choose a shorter or longer course be prepared to spend some time on smaller exercises. Louise will reach out to you by e-mail to arrange a date and time slot for the session.

9,999.00 DKK89,999.00 DKK inkl. moms.

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Session: 1,5 hours, Short course: 5 x 1,5 hours, Longer course: 10 x 1,5 hours


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