Most startups fail – Don’t be one of them! Recorded webinar.

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Most startups fail – don’t be one of them. 

Bootstrap the experiences of thousands of new entrepreneurs! 

This unique webinar provides tools, tips, motivation, and practical guidance to start your next business. It contains proven methods to be used in planning, running, and growing your company.

To start a business is like having an herb garden, where you sow, then irrigate, and finally one day, harvest. In other words: you must build and nurture your mindset, platforms, visions, network, and products/services before, during, and after you start up a business. If you think it sounds hard and time-consuming to start up a great business, you’re right. That’s why most companies fail. Let us share some of the most common pitfalls new entrepreneurs face.

Don’t make the same mistakes as thousands of others. Bootstrap our experiences. Many people start networking at a time when they really need something, instead of continuously growing and nurturing their network.

Want to start up your own business? Join this unique webinar guided by 2 world-class experts on entrepreneurship Mark Sephton and Soulaima Gourani

Topics covered:

  • Things to have in mind before jumping into the unknown as an entrepreneur
  • What makes a great business
  • 5 basic pitfalls most people face with money, management, and marketing
  • What is your purpose and WHY and why that is essential to any business you throw yourself into
  • Why do businesses often fail
  • How to map, nurture, and expand the right network – get clients, fans, and investors
  • How to grow, scale, and eventually exit your business