Take control of your career (e-book)

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Do you want to change job?
Do you want a job in another industry?
Do you want to be a manager?
Do you want to be self-employed?
Do you want a promotion?
Do you want more fun?
Do you want to make more money?
Do you want to have more time available to yourself?
Do you want to be happier?

These questions are all related to your career. Career is not just a question about money, power, and promotions. Career is also very much about how you would like to spend your working life.

Do NOT miss out on learning or on changing! Create the opportunity at hand to make it big. Your life is full of untapped potential.

There are lots of unconventional ways to build a great career you can be proud of, and plenty of incredible opportunities hiding in plain sight – you just need to know how to discover them.

This is a “Real Life Guide” to spotting new opportunities, securing a new and better life design and overall succeeding.

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The term “career” is a frequently interpreted and misinterpreted concept; it is often shrouded in mystery and taboos.

For example, when was the last time you discussed the term “career” with someone? Many people never have that discussion.

It is as if everybody implicitly agrees what a successful career is. Unfortunately, many people have a negative image of what a career is and connect it with ruthless and insensitive people who step on others to climb the career ladder.

However, career might as well be about your choice of job and lifestyle.

Whether you want to work as a farmer or an executive director in an international company or become self-employed is a question of making the choice that you feel good about and that best suits your life.

Career is a positive concept, which involves influence, power, joy, satisfaction, and personal development—and not just working late hours, incompetent managers, and missing quality time with your family.

I have had a habit of taking on almost impossible tasks—just to challenge myself to the max. That does not mean that everything I have done has been successful. However, the lessons I lea1rned have been invaluable.
 I have collected my most essential experiences, and in this book, I share the knowledge I accumulated from these experiences. The result is 10 essential pieces of career advice and techniques. They are quite simply about having the courage to take and control over your career.

You cannot avoid setbacks. The challenge is how you deal with the setbacks and focus on opportunities rather than limitations.
 I hope that my opinions and experiences will inspire and motivate you to take full responsibility of your own career and to encourage others to do the same. Enjoy!

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