Wire Your Brain For Success Recorded Webinar

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Soulaima Gourani and Alvaro Fernandez will meet online and tell you all you need to know on how to Train Your Brain For Success.

Within 1 hour of live conversation you get to pick their brain on how to make your dreams come true. And it all starts with your brain!

Without a strong understanding of your brain, you will always be subject to your fears, emotions and limiting beliefs.

Sign up for this webinar and learn:

  • How to Get a Sharp Brain
  • How to Make good and rational decisions in your life
  • How to See what you do not see (biases)
  • How to design your future life and get to live the life you really want (it all begins in your brain)
  • And finally some brain facts (what you simply should know about the brain)



Alvaro Fernandez,

Is an author, speaker and a true rockstar when it comes to the brain. He knows all you need to know about your brains. He is an expert within neuroscience and neurotechnology and he knows how you can improve your health and of course your performance across your lifespan. He is a proud Member of the Council on the Future of Human Enhancement at the World Economic Forum. And he is CEO of SharpBrains.

His book is an international bestseller and he has been quoted by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Reuters, and Associated Press, among others (yearhhh cool right)

Over the past two decades, our understand­ing of the human brain has grown exponentially. And he will share this knowledge with YOU!

If you want to know much more about Alvaro connect with him on linked:

Soulaima Gourani

“Everything I do serve a common purpose: to create more innovators, critical thinkers and problem solvers – more peace in the world.” 

Co- Founder of and CEO of GetCapitalAid (a fintech bank).  It is her vision to change the world to a better more tolerant place through trade and business, and relations between countries and people. Networking is fundamental is everything she does. Soulaima Gourani is an international business women and politics and trade expert. She just moved to Texas from Denmark (yerhhhh).

She has worked as an advisor/and/or speaker for clients e.g. Samsung, Roche A/S, Leo-Pharma, NNIT, Genzyme, Aberdeen, DuPont, LEGO, McKinsey, DELL, Microsoft, Harvard Kennedy University, Adecco, Alk Abello, Aon Hewitt, Citroen, Colliers, Diageo, Cisco, Dong Energy, Ernst & Young, Volvo, FL Smidth, H. Lundbeck, IBM, TDC, SimCorp, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Danske Bank, and Deloitte etc.

She is a motivational speaker and philanthropist with a big heart (she is chair/ambassador or protector of more than 15 big charities). She speaks around the world and has been to more than 30 countries eg. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Findland, Greenland, Austria, Hungary, Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Russia, Mongolia, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Greece, Morocco, Turkey and USA.

She is the author of 4 bestseller books, and has contributed to more than 14 books


E-MBA – CBS, Denmark (2007)

Export technician, Odense Tietgenskole (1997) and has been to Yale, Harvard, ISB India, INCAE and Stanford.

Recipient of awards and honours including:

Rising Star Award (2004)

Talent 100 Award (2004)

Young Global Leader (YGL; 2012, World Economic Forum)

Top 100 Women, FEMINA, Denmark (2012).

Nordic Thinkers 20 (2013)

“40 under 40” (2014)

UN Woman Ambassador Advisor (2016)

Inspiring fifty (2016)

European talent—She can also be found on the European list of talents (2004, Magasin Courrier)