Aarhus Symposium 2013 – “Leadership and Innovation”

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Dato & tid:
1. nov. 2013
00:00 - 00:00

Lokation: Aarhus Symposium


Soulaima vil d. 1. nov. 2013 deltage ved dette års Aarhus Symposium 2013. Soulaima vil går på mellem 17-18 i SAP Auditorium.

“In 2013, Aarhus Symposium will continue to consider the perspective of global challenges of the future. A wide range of exciting and engaging speakers will share their experiences and insights regarding the overall theme. The focus will be on the challenges that leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs face in a post-crisis era. Innovation is crucial to maintain growth and jobs in the society. Companies are experiencing increased pressure to improve efficiency due to factors from globalisation. A requirement to survive is innovative processes and leadership is important in implementing key decisions successfully. We have aimed to create a diverse program, where the views of CEO’s of major companies as well as founders of smaller start-ups will be heard. The setup of the program will be presented here as the speakers are revealed.”

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