An Interesting Afternoon

Indlæser kort...

Dato & tid:
8. nov. 2013
13:00 - 18:00

Lokation: Diageo HQ


It’s official: for the second year running, Denmark is the happiest country in the world (according to the UN World Happiness Report)

So, being both provocative and realistic, what can you do better if you already live in Paradise?

After all, we know we have challenges, personally and professionally. Entrepreneurs and like-minded corporate executives keep an eye out for opportunities for growth, while staying alert to changes in the competitive landscape. And – even if we are in that “happy” group who perceive their lives as being problem-free – how can we self-actualize to become more than just consumers of goods and experiences?

An Interesting Afternoon is a unique conference format, designed by leading minds who demand more from the staid gatherings we experience at most events. Our goal is to provide you with insights and ideas that are professionally useful and personally intriguing. We break down the traditional speaker-audience model and ensure a very participative and engaging experience for the participants. Part TED-style short talk, part dialogue and rapid-fire debate.

The speakers at An Interesting Afternoon in Copenhagen are:

  • Olivier Oullier (Marseille) – Brain scientists & strategist – University of Aix-Marseille
  • Rasmus Ankersen (Copenhagen) – Author of ‘Gold Mine Effect: Crack the Secrets of High Performance
  • Katharina Borchert (Hamburg) – CEO Der Spiegel Online
  • Liselotte Lyngsø (Copenhagen) – futurist
  • Jens Martin Skibsted (Copenhagen) – designer, entrepreneur, branding expert
  • Leslie Maasdorp (Johannesburg, SA) – President Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Southern Africa
  • Mark Turrell (Berlin) – strategist, entrepreneur, author of ‘Scaling: Small Smart Moves for Outsized Growth
  • Jane Burston (London) – Head of the Centre for Carbon Measurement at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory
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    The event will be in English

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