Soulaima Gourani talks on TEDx Copenhagen

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Dato & tid:
18. sep. 2012
00:00 - 00:00



Soulaima snakker på dette års TEDx Copenhagen om værdighedsbegrebet og NGO’en Global Dignity. Læs mere her om arrangementet og hvordan du tilmelder dig


In fourth grade her teacher said that she should lower her ambitions, since she most likely would not make it very far, because she was a girl, had dark skin and was called Soulaima.

That experience only gave her an even stronger desire to aim higher. She found ways of overcoming these “challenges” and they were not the ways the education system tried to teach her.

After ten years of teaching leaders to build, foster, and expand professional relationships, Gourani found that emotional and social skills are more important than any other personality traits and exceeds IQ as the most relevant factor in achieving success in work and in life. Now it’s time for our children to learn these skills at school.

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