What happens when life throws us curveballs? We shout, “plot twist.” Mark Sephton’s newest book, Plot Twist, is a guide to successfully navigating our visions and goals for life even when things come from left field to take us in a new direction. Learn how to stop resisting change or dwelling on what might have been to, instead, focus on what could be. This simple mindset shift gleaned through Mark’s advice, stories and helpful tips, will help you find a new path that will result in more adventure, better expectations of life and insightful personal revelations to catapult you into new realms of exploration. Mark shares his personal stories about how others have helped him find new and different paths and opened his eyes to possibility. When you have the mindset that anything is possible, you begin to open your eyes and welcome change as an exciting part of life. This outlook provides the vision and adaptability to not allow life to stop you in your tracks but to yell, “plot twist” at the top of your lungs and move forward from a place of inspiration and excitement.. Let’s journey together.

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