Discover your hidden talent(s) Recorded Webinar

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In order to raise your market value and live the life you deserve your true talents should be found, practiced and continuously evaluated. Let Lena and Soulaima help you on this journey. We know how to find peoples greatest strengths. We want you to wake up every morning feeling good at something and being paid for what you like to do.

Do you already know what you are good at? Well with your talent and skills you must continually develop yourself—there is no finish line.

Part one of the webinar 

Finding your talents, drive and motivation can be quite difficult. Most people never find out. For you to find your talent you need to know what and where to look. We are often blinded to the things that we are best at.

  • Knowing and understanding your inborn pre-dispositions and talents.
  • Knowing for sure that you are moving in the directions that agrees with your intellectual and mental talents.

Just a few topics that we are going to address.]

Part two of the webinar 

How to recognize other peoples talent. How to read people around you and build conflict free relationships, be it personal or professional relations.

Can you see other peoples talent? All of the people that you will encounter during your lifelong career are as individual as you are so you need to be able to spot other peoples talents as well. Your market value is created through your energy and your ability to network and build emotional bonds with the people that you will encounter over the course of your career. Therefore you must become expert at how to map, maintain, and nurture people and their talents.

DRIVE AND MOTIVATION; Find your true motivation

It is important to know what motivates you because it is your so-called driving force that will take you forward toward your (end) goals in life. Identify what makes you “hungry.”

Your motivation is divided into two types:

  • Internal motivation
  • External motivation

Understanding the two types of motivation is rather intuitive. Internal motivation is sourced from within. There is less of a concern for the rewards of an activity than with the satisfaction of engaging in the activity itself. The process, not the goal, is important. External motivation is sourced outside the individual. For example: validation by friends, family, colleagues, and supervisors; tangible rewards such as pay increases, promotions, and job titles. Arguably, intrinsic, or inner motivation is the strongest form of motivation as it is not subject to changes by outside sources.


Lena Feygin

Lena has 20 years of experience in psychological and coaching services, education, and communication.

Areas of Expertise: Typologies/Psychometrics; psychologist/coach; corporate trainings; strategy and development of leaderships; quality of life program development for employees and companies as whole; development of communication programs for diverse groups; team development; human resource development.

Corporate Clients include: “9.8 Group”; “Global Logix Solutions”; “weMultiply”; “Global Advertising Strategies”; “New York Women’s Agenda”; “Franklin career Institute”, “LaGuardia College”, and others in education, investment and psychological industries.

Since 1994 Lena resides in New York city with more of a presence in Moscow in a recent year.

Since 2002 until now Lena’s focus is on the development of new psychological typology methodology – [psy-to-nomics], that she has used in her work, in both corporate agenda and in private practice. Her private practice has global reach, working with individuals and companies in Mexico, Mongolia, Norway, Austria, France, UK, Russia, Switzerland and the US to name a few. Her customers range in their goals and objectives as well as their age.

Since 2015 she became a partner at Meaning Formation Laboratory a company that focuses on the development of new communication instruments, co-working, creative methodologies and development of innovative and creative labs for university campuses and corporations.

Education: Lena graduated Fordham University (NY, USA) with a degree in Psychology and a London School of Life Coaching. She is certified to administer and interpret over 15 psychological/psychometric tests. Lena has received her MBA from Carey School of Business, Johns Hopkins University (USA).

Soulaima Gourani

Co- Founder of and CEO of GetCapitalAid (a fintech bank) 

She is a motivational speaker and philanthropist with approx. 200 public talks/year around the world (Scandinavia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Morocco, UK, Israel, Sri Lanka, Burma/Myanmar, Mongolia, India, Spain, Greenland, Greece, China, Lebanon, Japan, Switzerland, Mexico, Bahrain, Thailand, Venezuela and the U.S).

She is an advisor to major companies on customer loyalty, strategic networking and change management and employee motivation and future of business (how to design sustainable products that that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and environment).

She has worked as an advisor/and/or speaker for clients e.g. Harvard Kennedy University, Samsung, Aberdeen, DuPont, LEGO, McKinsey, DELL, Microsoft, Stanford University, IDC Herzliya, Leo Pharma, Genzymes, Adecco, Alk Abello, Aon Hewitt, Nordic Business Forum, BMW, Citroen, Colliers, Diageo, Cisco, Dong Energy, HULT Business school, Ernst & Young, FL Smidth, H. Lundbeck, IBM, GLOWORK, TDC, SimCorp, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Danske Bank, and Deloitte, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and many many many more …

She is author of 3 books and contributor to more than 16 books on lifedesign, career development, leadership and how to be successful in life.

She is on the board of a vide range of private and public companies including Global Dignity (New York), Miracle Foundation (Austin), Chickstarter (New York), IMPACT Lab (New York) as well as Chair of Global Dignity Denmark (

She is a very active debater on TV, radio and through blogs etc.

Education: E-MBA from Copenhagen Business School, 2007

Executive leadership courses from: Indian School of Business (ISB), Harvard Kennedy University, Stanford University, Berkeley University, The Jackson Institute For Global Affairs, Yale University (2014), INCAE Costa Rica (2015)

Soulaima Gourani on how she found her talent!

“I’ve always loved speaking. But people around me haven’t always been so excited about it – far from it, actually. Throughout my teenage years, I was simply asked to speak less… and well, who would have thought that speaking (fast) would eventually lead to a professional career? Today many people think that my job is really great. Few years ago my mom asked me to go out and find a real job, happy I did not listen to her. Freedom, travelling to exotic places, and working with many exciting people –sounds great, doesn’t it? My talents are communication, writing, speaking and networking. I lecture, write books, give advice to leaders, and I’m on several exciting boards. Not to mention that I travel all the time, and get to see the world. It’s a job and a combination of tasks that many people say they would love to do. Some even claim that I have their dream job.”

Lena Feygin on how she found her talent

“I was always curious on how the human mind is structures. I wanted to find an answer and got certified in over 15 different standardized typologies, but was not satisfied with they way it worked, so I’ve created my own. I have feverishly tested it in education, business, personal life and in private practice. The objective has always been to help people and to find an answer to how the human mind works. My passion continues on, with a PhD based collaboration starting out in Vienna, Austria this Spring”