Personal Branding Recorded Webinar

19.50 $ inkl. moms.

Price: approx. 15 £ / approx. 19 $

Personal Branding

How do you create a strong personal brand? 

You are your own brand and your brand is all you got! Get the most out of it.

During the webinar we will cover these subjects, and more.

  • How to build a personal brand
  • How to nurture a personal brand
  • How to change a brand (re-branding/damage control)

Join this webinar with entrepreneur, VP and branding expert Dave Hanley and the experienced motivational speaker and advisor Soulaima Gourani. 

Sara Sutton: “Dave and Soulaima are individually brilliant, creative, and powerful branding minds, and together they helped me transform my confidence and strategy for my personal social, speaking, thought leadership, and media approaches.  They are nothing short of amazing!”
Belinda Parmar: “The personal brand session really helped me re-calibrate and think about who I am and what I believe in. It’s so easy to get caught in the hustle of every day life without examining one’s own brand. This session made me re-examine my own identity and what I want to be known for. It was very thought-provoking”
Michele Wucker: Dave & Soulaima helped me to think more strategically about where I get my information and what content I want to share and why. As I prepared to launch my book and shift my career path, they raised exactly the right questions. They are warm, super smart, and approachable.