Sales coaching

9,999.00 DKK46,999.00 DKK inkl. moms.

The price is approx. 1520$ for a 1,5hour session and 7150$ for a 5 x 1,5 hour course.  Prices are depending on the exchange rate on the day of purchase.

Soulaima Gourani is a great sales trainer and she has helped and motivated thousands of people make more sales. She is an expert in value-based selling and strategic relationship-based selling and service. 

Soulaima Gourani is a gifted motivator and for over 15 years she has been dedicating herself to train people and executives from all over the world.  She offers expert training for both corporate sales departments and for individuals who want to improve their sales skills.
Soulaima offers personal 1:1 Skype training both as a one time session and as a shorter course.
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Once you’ve purchased a session you will receive an e-mail from Louise with more information. You will also coordinate time slot for the session with Louise: 

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Session: 1,5 hours, Short course: 5 x 1,5 hours


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