Strategic Networking Recorded Webinar

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You will get the chance to explore and learn from two of the best networkers in the world Georgie Benardete (NYC) and Soulaima Gourani (Austin).

They meet up in cold but cosy Vermont to share with you all their secrets on how to map, nurture and expand your network.

One thing is for sure this conversation cannot be missed. It is going to mind-blowing. What they are going to share with you cannot be read in any book or cannot be made up. It is 20+ years of networking experience you will be witnessing. That is a lot of hard work, failures and lessons learned to be shared in this webinar.

Learn about the most fundamental networking mistakes people make that keep them away from reaching their goals in life.

Both of them have build themselves amazing global careers. They have a coorporate background from big blue chip organizations and have started up companies themselves.

They have had thousands of coffees and are here to inspire, share and teach you how to build the right network.

Why should you network?

People are governed by recommendations and lead by biases. It’s a fact. Everything is done via your relations. You are who you know. Successful people have a nose for opportunity and an ability to know whom to know and tap in order to get things done, these strategic networking skills that non-successful leaders rarely possess.



Georgie Benardete is a technology investor and entrepreneur. She is investor in Orchard Mile, a NYC-based luxury fashion marketplace.  It leverages on the pioneering in-ad universal cart technology created by her previous company, Shopbeam.

She is also the CEO of Align17

She is honored with titles and rewards and is recognized by the UN Foundation who named Georgie to be part of their Global Entrepreneurs Council. Benardete started her career at OPIC, Coopers & Lybrand and JP Morgan. A committed environmentalist, she founded, Turkey’s largest green portal. She is also part of Al Gore’s Climate Project as a speaker, a founding member of the Charly Alberti R21 Foundation in Latin America and a LEAD International Fellow.

Benardete is an active investor in Belle Capital USA, an early-stage VC fund that promotes investments in companies with strong female leadership, and is a Founding Curator of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers hub in San Juan and NYC. Georgie earned a Master of Science in Foreign Service (with honors) from Georgetown University, where she was a Woodrow Wilson Foundation Fellow. She coursed studies in Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Carnegie Mellon.

Soulaima Gourani

“Everything I do serve a common purpose: to create more innovators, critical thinkers and problem solvers – more peace in the world.” 

Co- Founder of It is her vision to change the world to a better more tolerant place through trade and business, and relations between countries and people. Networking is fundamental is everything she does. Soulaima Gourani is an international business women and politics and trade expert. She just moved to Palo Alto  from Texas (yerhhhh).

She has worked as an advisor/and/or speaker for clients e.g. Samsung, Roche A/S, Leo-Pharma, NNIT, Genzyme, Aberdeen, DuPont, LEGO, McKinsey, DELL, Microsoft, Harvard Kennedy University, Adecco, Alk Abello, Aon Hewitt, Citroen, Colliers, Diageo, Cisco, Dong Energy, Ernst & Young, Volvo, FL Smidth, H. Lundbeck, IBM, TDC, SimCorp, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Danske Bank, and Deloitte etc.

She is a motivational speaker and philanthropist with a big heart (she is chair/ambassador or protector of more than 15 big charities). She speaks around the world and has been to more than 30 -35 countries eg. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Findland, Greenland, Austria, Hungary, Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Russia, Mongolia, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Greece, Morocco, Turkey and USA.

She is the author of 3 bestseller books, and has contributed to more than 14 books (


E-MBA – CBS, Denmark (2007)

Export technician, Odense Tietgenskole (1997) and has been to Yale, Harvard, ISB India, INCAE and Stanford.

Recipient of awards and honours including:

Rising Star Award (2004)

Talent 100 Award (2004)

Young Global Leader (YGL; 2012, World Economic Forum)

Top 100 Women, FEMINA, Denmark (2012).

Nordic Thinkers 20 (2013)

“40 under 40” (2014)

UN Woman Ambassador Advisor (2016)

Inspiring fifty (2016)

European talent—She can also be found on the European list of talents (2004, Magasin Courrier)

and many more…