Soulaima Gourani

Foredragsholder, rådgiver, forfatter, debattør og iværksætter

Soulaima Gourani er foredragsholder og rådgiver for verdens største og mest ambitiøse virksomheder i kundeloyalitet og medarbejdermotivation. Hun har modtaget talrige priser og globale anerkendelser for sit arbejde. Hun er stifter af blandt andet og

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Trade Conductor


Get Access to any Person or Entity:

Trade Conductor helps you getting acces to ANY individual, corporation, company, foundation, association, labor organization, firm, partnership, society, joint stock company, group of organizations, or state or local government.

Sales is always the solution. With no sales no money. You can have the best product or service but if you cannot sell it you will soon be out of business. Soulaima Gourani is a salesperson and you can “rent” her brain and get access to her expertise.

You want to Go Global? Well, lack of sales skills are just one thing, next challenge can be cultural barriers or lack of the right professional relations hence will make global trade a challenge.

When it comes to international trade it’s critically important that you place it in the hands of a professional that has the best interests. ‘In today’s marketplace, companies considering sourcing or selling their products and services should evaluate many more options than earlier.

Since 1999 Soulaima Gourani has worked in every aspect of the import/export arena gaining extensive experience with various trade relations and regulations, utilizing her vast knowledge and experience within sales, marketing and strategic networking. Thriving on opportunities to help clients succeed, Soulaima Gourani connects people and business from around the world. She is a business agent with relations all over the world and in many different industries.

Soulaima Gourani has taken her expertise to a higher level providing personal and confidential strategies through her company connects manufacturers of products/services to distributors or end users. or in other words  -sell more and sell better.

Soulaima Gourani applies a broad range of experience to design, implement and support trade relations and trade programs. She has favorable skills and competencies to excel in trade, negotiation and have a clear eye for trends and tendencies and a have proven skills within making contacts and sales. She is based in Palo Alto, California and works in 35 countries.

Remember, you can get access to any product, service or even person in the world! You need her help? Write an email to Soulaima Gourani:

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These are the services we offer:

Service 1)
Establish contacts with the country, city, company or person you want to import from or export to/sell to.
Service 2)
Get an introduction, moderate business meetings etc.
Service 3)
Establish the business agreement.
Service 4)
Establish a structure for the partnership.
Service 5)
Moderator and advisor for the ongoing business (board-member).
Service 6)
Understand the local culture, economics, business behavior (Asia, Africa, Europe, US).

– A flat rate fee
– Commissions on sales
– Bonuses for ended sales or contracts

Tradeconductor can help you with:
– Locating new suppliers, wholesalers and distributors
– Finding the right manufacturing companies
– To find the right spokespersons/sales people/other employees
– Contract negotiations
– Import / Export
– Legal and accounting